Free Your Mind


As humans, we have around 60,000 thoughts per day

But how do we clear up room in our minds for positive thoughts and a clearer head?

1. Start with a pad of paper and a pen

Letting your thoughts out on paper can be so freeing! I often use my sketchbook as a journal: I write down all sorts of random thoughts I wouldn't necessarily say out loud, scribble childlike drawings, and jot down poems that only would make sense to me. Learning to put my mind on paper has helped me to feel more open to other thoughts. It has helped me to validate my silliness and has lead me to be more creative, while utilizing my randomness. I know this to be a mind-liberating exercise not just for myself.

2. Practice mindfulness

Becoming more mindful will help to be more capable of concentrating and being more open to insight. This practice has both mental as well as physical benefits to becoming a more balanced individual and artist.  Here's some more about mindfulness and its benefits.

3. Allow time in your day to slow down and think without distractions

Being alone to our thoughts is so necessary! We are all so busy in our days, with school, work, social media, music, etc. Setting aside time each day to just think can help us to sort out our thoughts and to come up with ideas. Quiet time free of distraction can help us to think of ways we can improve as well as what we create.