Become an Explorer

With so many things to create and learn, the journeys ahead have endless possibilities. Find out how you can go from a passenger on the journey to an explorer.


Who are you?

Art can be the rough road that leads to discovered identity. Do you know you?


Combat Your Mental Clutter with a Pen and Paper

Crowded thoughts and messy minds limit the space available for fresh ideas and clarity of inspiration. Free up some space and dejunk with a pen and some paper.


Expand Your Mind

Becoming a better artist isn't limited to the mastery of paints and pastels. Nor is an artists solely defined by manipulation of media. A true artist seeks to understand the world, to know those things both grand and inconspicuous. A true artist lives life as if it is art and doesn't settle for pedestrian means of survival. A true artist seeks to expand the mind with knowledge and experiences from which they can influence their world and draw inspiration. 

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
— Edgar Degas